Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do You Live In The Land of Trouble?

All Fairytales are based on truth…..

Once upon a time there was a girl named Troublelina who lived in the Land of Trouble. She hummed/vibrated, lived, thought, felt at the level of misfortune. The Land of Trouble was not a happy place to live.
The people living there were a lot like Troublelina, they all mostly talked about how hard things were, how nothing seemed to go their way, how much trouble they had. They even held contests to see who held the record for the most trouble in their lives. Troublelina had won this contest several times.

Everyone wanted to live somewhere else, yet none could believe that a better place existed. Everyone agreed, and this didn’t happen often, that there was…sigh…no other land but the Land of Trouble.
One night after tossing and turning due to worry, Troublelina finally fell asleep and had an unusual dream; she dreamt that she lived in a very different land, a land where people were friendly and happy. It was a light-filled place. It was called the land of Ease. The people there lived without conflict, complaints and misfortune. It did occasionally rain in this land but when it did, the people still smiled, they didn’t complain, they found something to focus on and to do that was positive. Rainy days became opportunities for creativity. They even had a Contest of Creativity.

When Troublelina awoke she just knew in her heart that this land existed and believed she would find it. She set the intention, made the decision, trusted herself. Instead of worrying how she would get there or how much packing she needed to do, she closed her eyes and imagined herself there, in this wonderful land, in every detail. She saw it, she felt it, tasted it, smelled it! That’s when it happened, some might call it a miracle, others would call it the result of expectation. She opened her eyes….and she was there. Troublelina had moved from the Land Of Trouble to the Land of Ease!

The Land Of Ease was everything Troublelina had expected it would be, everything she had imagined. She would love for you to write if you have any questions about her experience. She’s changed her name though; it seemed like the natural thing to do. Just address it to Easealina in the Land of Ease. Don’t forget to include a return address, where was it you said you lived? Oh, the Land of Trouble, too bad. You might want to consider relocating; it’s easier than you think. Don’t bother to pack, leave your baggage behind. Close your eyes and see yourself living in the Land Of Ease. Feel yourself giving and receiving love, living in trust, honoring yourself, knowing you are cared for. Understanding you have the power to transform all aspects of your life to good with your intentions and feelings. Now open your eyes! Welcome home.

©Christie Pennington

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Blessing Train

Let me tell you about the Blessing Train. As a child we frequently visited a family who were not biologically related but were nonetheless like family to my mother and me. They appeared to my childlike eyes to be perfect, the perfect family. I always felt safe when I was there visiting for the weekend. At night in bed you could hear the train whistle calling in the distance, it was incredibly comforting, an anchor of my experience there, the sense of kindness and safety I felt.

Where I live now, I can again hear a train whistle in the night and early morning, a reminder of that long ago time, it evokes a bittersweet memory. Most of the time I hear it when I’m communicating with my Angels, quirky how it seems to always arrive at that particular time. It seems to come as a confirmation from them that I am safe.

Not too long ago I had a vision as the whistle echoed in the distance. As it came closer I saw a train coming into the station of my town, average looking people were on the train, talking, playing cards, doing things average people do. But as the train entered the station and passed through the town, all these average people rose to take their places on both sides of the train facing the windows. Palms raised they looked out smiling, their ordinary clothes gone, as they were transfigured to light, and wings appeared. Standing there, these lovely Angels of light were blessing us, the entire town, all of us.

Now I realize this vision would most likely be considered a fantasy by some who look kindly upon me, considered something less charitable by those who do not. It doesn’t really matter, because each time I hear the train whistle I see this clearly and know that I am blessed. So whether you regard my story as fantasy, or something else, in any case, know that you are blessed too.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Void

The void felt so large, so dark
It grew larger and larger until it I felt is was all of me
That large gaping emptiness that was all that I was
I looked and looked all around to be filled,
The void grew still larger
It was then I stopped looking
And asked for transformation from within.
It was then I felt the warmth
Descending, the Light poured
I stretched, opening to receive
And the void began to morph
Becoming a cup
And still the Light poured and the cup expanded
Till it became a chalice of grace
Filled to the brim and overflowing

©C. Pennington

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mystical Forest

I live in the midst of a mystical forest, my backyard is a very special place filled with old towering trees that hold messages and memories. Majestic in height, they keep darkened private places, yet allow the light to stream through in various spots shining warmth, grace and future possibilities.

The trees like wizards frozen in time, their branches like long beards swaying gently in the wind, whisper their visions. I visit these wizened wizards that grow here often. At one time I resented them as an intrusion, now I seek their wisdom and comfort.

They speak of many things, for some time now they have spoken of the Portal. A wisdom gate uniting dimensions. Through hushed voices accompanied by nuances of light dancing through their leaves, I came to truly see and recognize the power that this space evokes. It has since become home to the of the Angel Of Grace, a statue lives there now bathed in flowers. At any time of day, the light joyfully casts itself upon this reminder of Grace given, flowing through all dimensions here. Each morning I'm urged to greet this space gratefully with open mind and heart to edit the past, invoke the future and adore the present.

I invite you to come and visit, if only in your mind's eye and travel to your other dimensions. Meet your other selves as I do mine. Those aspects of yourself glimpsed here and there, bleed-throughs from the selves that made a different choice. Discover those other aspects experiences and wisdom and integrate them with your own. Listen carefully to what they tell you and return with the knowing of your own power.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Presence of Peace

Freedom of time, to find the presence of peace, a freedom not within my current reach

Time to sit in the stillness, to remember, to appreciate all that is, and perhaps all that is not

The chaos persists just the same, despite the willingness to learn to shift, to change

Small apexes open up and the elusive seems within my grasp, there it is, a space, a moment of peace,

Then it slips away into an unknown place waiting for me to play hide and seek, to find It again

It always returns but I beg it to never leave, to stay with me to be fully present always

The awareness place of peace is what I’m learning

Being the presence of that peace within whatever chaos is present in the moment

I’m challenged by the difficulty, yet persist nonetheless, perhaps persistence is pointless

And I merely need to open, to accept, to embrace what I now pursue
I wonder if I had more freedom of time, would peace be more present?

Or is it my gift that I do not, so that I must reach for it within the constraints at hand

Dance with it outside of time, breathe it in each moment

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 5th Eye; Seeing into the 5th dimension

As many of you know, I facilitated a Summer Solstice Gateway ceremony bringing in the Ascension energies of self-love recently. Several of those who took part in the Ceremony long distance have asked about the mention of the presence of Archangel Tzapkiel.

Archangel Tzapkiel is not generally well-known except to those with a knowledge of the Kaballah where he plays a significant role. In a metaphysical context Tzapkiel contains most of those traits for which he is known in the Hebrew text but is also associated with the third eye as we move into the 5th dimensional frequency. We are already many of us straddling both 3rd and 4th dimensional comprehension. The Ascension or Shift as it is also called brings us more predominately into the 5th.

The sixth chakra known as the third eye at the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension becomes known as the 5th eye as higher psychic abilities become prevalent. The third eye is associated with the pineal gland, which for most of us is inactive or underactive, after puberty. This is also changing as we shift and the pineal takes on a more active role facilitating the increased abilities just mentioned.

Some of the other glands of the body have already been undergoing changes. Many of those who have opened as channels have undergone thyroid problems over the last decade. I myself had my thyroid removed due to illness not too long before I began channeling. This is not to imply that we have to lose our body parts to move into higher awareness, many do not share my experience, I mention it only to illustrate that our physical as well as subtle bodies are going through remarkable transitions. We are evolving humans moving to a higher level of experience though still in the physical. Evolution has not been completed, it continues as we move into becoming beings of light. The pituitary, thyroid, thymus and hypothalamus glands are all affected by spiritual development and the quotient of light present in our energy bodies. All the clairvoyant abilities which are natural though dormant for many will become fully functional.

The third eye or 5th eye as it functions at the 5th dimensional level allows for a much higher degree of perception which extends to a higher level of communication. We are moving toward a Unity never before seen on this planet, higher perception and communication will establish and maintain such Unity. A Unity in which each of us desires for another what we desire for ourselves, a time in which we will return to know community in a richer more loving evolved way that brings us to a true understanding that All are One.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spiritual Puzzles

Sometimes I’m a bit overwhelmed at all the spiritual/metaphysical offerings out there, too many to imagine, many diverse approaches. I wonder what it all really means, the big picture. Are all these teachers, offering truth? Are they/we all authentic? How is it possible if there are so many versions? Is it all a meaningless morass of monetary megalomania, or is it magnificence? Have you ever wondered?

Obviously, I have and here’s what I’ve come up with. Millions of puzzle pieces comprising millions of individual puzzles all contributing to one vast universal picture. Each of us is seeking those pieces that fit our particular puzzle. We each find our puzzle pieces in our own way at our own time as we sort through them and piece them together. The multiplicity of services and modalities out there are all valuable. They all offer pieces of someone’s puzzle, some fit yours, others fit mine.

What if the puzzle piece/service offered is motivated strictly by greed. I believe this occurs less frequently than most imagine, but can this hold any value? It does because somewhere some person is desperately seeking an answer, their puzzle piece may have strange origins but if it fits their puzzle it works for them. They’ve found an answer, a need was met, hope fulfilled, confirmation found, sustenance supplied...... or not. Maybe they needed the experience of a sham to learn the nuances of trust or some other related lesson, they gained some value. Certainly I don’t promote spiritual scamming or greed, I’ve been outraged by it, but then, that was only my perception, my own judgment of a process I may not fully understand.

Then there are those in greater multiplicity who do stand steadfast in truth and authentically contribute their version of it in service. Multitudes are assisted and served as a result. All the versions, all the pieces are valuable, each to someone searching for their particular piece of their puzzle. All the puzzles fit together to form a vast picture, network of good. A grand puzzle of a beneficent Universe in which each is called to offer what is theirs to contribute, receive what is theirs to learn. I’m reminded of the saying from a few years ago, “It’s all good”. And so it is!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Beings

We've all dealt with pain but there's really no adequate means of measuring it. It's an individual experience, though generally certain events are considered more painful.
Because pain is so uncomfortable and
Because it causes many unpleasant repercussions in our lives, our desire to decrease or eliminate it is understandable. In fact, for some of us, the desire to keep pain at bay causes us to retreat from living our lives fully. Or our inability to shed our pain often leads us to pass it on to others in a mindless exchange of pain participation.

When I first realized that carrying my past pain with its accompanying bitterness and resentment, was actually causing me to draw more of it to me, I was stunned. The Law of Attraction it seems works both ways.

I wish I could say the mere realization of this immediately changed everything, that in one awestruck lightening filled moment I was healed of my need to carry past pain and pass it along. Truthfully, that wasn't the fact.

Transforming pain is a process but I have made significant progress and that progress has made life a much richer experience for me. As we honor ourselves and our lives as sacred, we may wish to remember to also honor others experience of pain, though not the pain itself. Some experiences that cause one individual pain may not be the cause of pain for another. Sometimes we may judge another's pain as insignificant so we don't offer a supportive spirit to those whose pain we may feel is trifling compared with our own.

I'm reminding myself here as I remind you, that pain whatever the source, is a deep and difficult experience. Many times in order for us to move through and out of the pain process we really need to know that not our pain itself but our experience of it is validated.

Let's remember to join together in doing this for one another as part of honoring ourselves and others as Holy Beings.

I honor you.....Christie

Monday, April 13, 2009

Identity Crisis

Ever wonder who you really are? Having trouble with self-identity? Here's a clue, it's not your job title, who you are married to, or not. Your car, or your house, your kids or your achievements.

It's the unencumbered soul who showed up within that tiny baby before the first candle was placed on the birthday cake. The authentic one, the one that cried when it was hurt, the one that reached out it's hands expecting it's needs to be met, expecting love....being love.

Yes, even believing it was the center of the Universe, because this soul understood that it was the Universe. An integral part of everything, no separation, part of the All That Is - One With God.
There was no identity crisis. This is who you were....this is who you are.

You know who you are.....Christie
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fountain Effect

If we approach our desires from a standpoint of lack, by forcing and clutching to grab our desires from outside of us. Believing we don’t have them within us, we invoke struggle. Struggle often doesn’t result in achieving our desired outcome. Coming from a position of lack causes us to look outside ourselves instead of within.

Our attitude and belief must be one of spreading, expanding, flowing from our inner reserves into the outer world, not trying to capture something we don’t have from out there, to bring it into us to fill up our reservoir. Like attracts like. A wise teacher once said that “to those who have, more will be given”. I found that very confusing for a long time. It came around again in a song “them that’s got shall have, them that’s not shall lose”, I still didn’t get it. What’s difficult for us to get about this is that we can’t see what’s already there within us. We don’t see the evidence of it in the physical so we assume it doesn’t yet exist. We want to see it first and believe it later.

I believe that one of the services that Angels provide is to remind us that “it’s all inside”. You don’t need to share my belief in Angels to believe this to be true. You can call it what you want, your inner voice, your intuition, whatever the term, there is that something that does prompt us, if we’re listening. They/It whisper that the attributes we desire in our lives are already there within us, waiting to flow outward. To be let loose to flow out into our lives and then back to us abundantly in much the same way a fountain operates.

This harkens back to the “being, doing, having” concept which is invaluable. I don’t know about you but I’ve spent a great portion of my life looking outside to acquire fulfillment of my desires. The “having” always seemed to dictate the “being”. The “having” was then achieved by the “doing”, according to the world's standards.

We can’t simply paste on a “being” in the way that children once dressed paper dolls. When we try to force a new self-image onto our personality this is exactly the same process. Pretending isn’t “being”, what’s missing here is the soul. The soul is the “being” aspect. It already contains what we desire, we don’t need to pretend. So the being aspect comes from our remembering our soul nature and emanating from that part of us. This isn’t pretending because the soul is always in connection with The Light and contains all the attributes of the Light.

Our soul already contains the love, wisdom, peace, power and prosperity we desire. This is where the flow originates. Then as it flows from this inner reserve out into the world, it returns to us showering us with all abundance.

Flowing abundance and love......Christie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going For The Jugular

Psychic Vampire is a colorful phrase that really offers a clear visual of this experience. If you have not experienced an interaction of this kind, count yourself as fortunate. Most of us have however interacted with one, at one time or another. Even more alarming is the idea that we may actually have been the vampire in question unconsciously.

Psychic vampires suck energy from us whether or not they mean to at the time. Ah, the light dawns, (no pun intended) do you perhaps recognize an occasion or two where you may have indulged in this behavior? It's one of those things we never associate with ourselves when it comes up in conversation. It's naturally one of those "other" people who indulge in such behavior. You know, the ones on the far side of your recognition field with a big sign with letters scrawled in red identifying them clearly.

Unfortunately they are not often clearly distinguishable whether they be us or someone else. A psychic vampire can be anyone, a friend, lover, parent, child. Well, maybe not, we'll let most of the kids off the hook since we expect them to drain us dry, it's part of the job description as a parent that we signed on for. Though it's possible for a parent to display vampirish tendencies, it's much more frequently found among friends and lovers.

Then there is the case of those psychic vampires that actually do consciously mean us harm. I'm not speaking gypsy curses here, though I won't rule out the possibility of it's attempt by some. I'm speaking of the sort of thing when you know others may not only delight in your misfortune but may be be willing to take part in some activity to promote it. Those who hold on to grievance's real or imagined for centuries.

There are many reasons a psychic vampire may become part of your life. Much of it has to do with them. Your involvement is the part of you that is serving as a trigger, usually some fear or strong anxiety you hold is of a vibration they carry and can attach to.

The best way to deal with anyone you sense is bleeding you dry in any way is to be sure you have no places within you they can attach to. Bitterness, envy, negativity.Psychic vampires feed on your fear. If you hold no fear in relation to them or anger, they have nothing to attach to, you lift yourself up above the situation. You can see yourself outside the situation from above, knowing no harm can reach you. Flowing love and kindness from a place of safety.

Of course the best course is to live in a frequency which they do not inhabit which means consciously monitoring our own thoughts and declining those negative anxieties and doubts that abound in their feeding field. Although we can't remain positive 100% of the time, being aware and moving back into a positive state keeps us less likely to become victims.

We also need to stay aware of when our own energy begins to dip, if we wait till it sinks too low we may attempt to use another as a vehicle to raise our vibration because it seems easier then working on ourselves and raising our own energy. Ask for assistance from your angels and guides as soon as you begin to feel yourself slipping. Take care of yourself, eat well, rest. Surround yourself with those things that feed your soul, so that you won't go on your own feeding frenzy or become another's energetic meal.

In Light.....Christie

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Blessing

I've always disliked Monday's, actually many times I've hated Mondays. Today was definitely one that fell somewhere between dislike and strong dislike when I discovered there had been a bit of a break down in financial communications with not one but two creditors. That was not the way I had thought I would begin my week, the surprise factor made it all seem worse along with the fact that I quickly felt myself slipping into self-pity.

When I do that I always get angry at myself because I'm supposed to be the person that shows others how to deal with such stuff and here I am doing a not so great job of it myself. What if anyone found out? What if they knew that I fell into the trap of self-pity and a moment of...make that several moments.....okay twenty minutes of "what's the use" of trying?

So you ask "Where's the blessing"? Kinda like " I still don't see the pony". Here it is, I decided that I would find the blessing. Based on the fact that I facilitate a monthly Blessing Circle it seemed like an apropos choice to actually implement what I was co-creating in the group.
It was the decision that was the Blessing. I made the decison to look away from the issues and focus on the Blessing, any Blessing I could find, but in the act of doing that....I had already found one.

This may not seem like a big deal and I was at first reluctant to write about it and put it out there, but for me, it said that I had made a fairly large leap forward. I usually practice what I preach....except for those times that I'm hit unexpectedly with financial problems I didn't know I had. The ones that hang around regularly, those I can usually manage.

Then I realized all the other blessings inherent in Monday being Monday. A fresh start, a new beginning, anticipation of what I would create in the coming week, opportunities to learn and serve in the days ahead and more. Monday did and does hold a Blessing, it gave me the opportunity, sooner rather than later to walk my talk.

For any out there that find Monday's difficult I challenge you to look a bit more deeply at what it may afford in the way of opportunity and insight.

Have a Blessed Monday!