Monday, November 24, 2008


Only ask for assistance and your newest opportunity for learning comes,
The newest lesson presents itself
Ask for it to come easily and gently
Gently, easily, joyfully
Learning doesn't need to be difficult
We make it so hard
Come from within instead of waiting for things to come from without
Feeling the essence is what truly matters
Going forward on our path with purpose despite outer contradictions
Believing, believing
Knowing for some of us our purpose arises anew in every moment
For others, it's unchanging theme
Resonates and unravels
Consistently throughout their lives
Their directional map set to on, always
Either way, the journey can be easy or hard
Make up your mind
Which will you have?

choosing Joy

Encompassing joy
I sit marveling
At the wonder surrounding me
Variety and complexity
Of people and situations
The smell of coffee and newspapers
Multitudes of realities, theirs and mine
Can we step into one another's and share momentarily?
Or shall I close my eyes and when I open them
Find that I have created an entirely new one for myself
Which includes them
Choices of worlds to live within abound
So many chosen unhappily before
I choose differently now

The Moment

I live in the moment it seems, until....
I move into the reality of others
Reminders of time,
The linear prison of thoughts and actions
Dedicated to fear of, not enough.

Reprimanding myself doesn't work
It only brings harm and disharmony

So I embrace it all,
The now, the then, the never
The almost, the may be, the will be
And come once more to this moment