Thursday, June 17, 2010

Logic or the Heart's Knowing?

I believe we are moving into a time of the higher heart. This space within us is not to be confused with sentimentality or sympathy, for yourselves or others. It is an enlightened space within that acknowledges that the intellect alone isn't equipped to guide our path in life and that the application of conscious vulnerability from the higher heart is necessary.

We've been taught to keep our heart closed for self-preservation to promote self-interest as a survival mechanism. Those that do not are cast as either saints (think Mother Theresa), or fools, the latter for the most part anonymous.

We've heard imminent change heralded quite a bit, and yet, the underlying message of logic as our lens for participation in the world remains. If we are frightened that giving reign to this heart space will have us dissolving in tears, unable to cope or strategize, we have nothing to fear. The higher heart, infused with intuitive wisdom will in fact lead us more adeptly through those situations that require courage and foresight. By allowing ourselves to open to allowing situations and others to be who they are, by not personalizing, taking offense at their attitudes and actions, we are opening to a vulnerability that does not include victimization. We will not stand in this space and serve ourselves up as a sacrifice, absolutely not. In fact, the higher heart grants us the wisdom to step aside without judgment when such a potential threat looms. The intellect alone so often infused with ego orientations, has often failed us in this regard.

I recently wrote the following when posting a reply on a friend's blog, it became the prompt for this post and it best sums up my own stance in regard to the logic vs. heart knowing question:
"Whenever I try to lead with my head, my heart trembles a little, I guess it feels a bit lost and forgotten when I try so hard to be logical, the way most of the world says we should be. What I'm learning is that I'm not more in control of anything when my head is in charge. It seems that way, but I'm really more vulnerable because I'm cutting off such a large part of myself.
For me, I like to be consciously vulnerable, when I allow my heart to lead, but don't lose my head, I may not be invulnerable, but I usually manage to handle most of what comes my way."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painting Life with Light

It has been said that we create our reality. I believe we create through remembering. Remembering where we come from and who we really are enables us to create as artists painting with Light. Our desires are so strong simply because we remember having them, living them, being them. Where we come from all is ours without limitation, we've come here to re-create this within limitation. Seems like a strange thing to do, yet we are images of the Divine, individually creating in another context, one which appears much of the time to be steeped in hostility, greed and fear.

Creating within this context appealed to our soul just as a mystery thriller appeals to our human mind. The particular context we are presently creating in is one of the most difficult to delve into, there are other worlds a bit easier to navigate. Yet souls actually line up for the enormous challenge of Earth School. Do you relate to raising your hand for some of the most difficult courses? If so, I was the one next to you, waving enthusiastically, volunteering for a few semesters in accelerated learning.

Sometimes I regret volunteering, sometimes I am awed by the fact that I seemed to get a passing grade. Mostly I try to remember that what I'm creating is a choice, and I came here with everything I need to paint my life with light. I've only recently begun to understand that the temptation to correct others canvasses doesn't improve their picture, that the shadows I may see in their paintings are caused by my standing too close and blocking the light. When I go back to focusing on my own creation, mine becomes brighter and reflects light into life's studio.