Monday, January 18, 2010

The Conversion of Personal and Collective Energies

The Great Awakening has occurred; it is leading us to a deeper orientation and recognition of ourselves within the framework of Creation. Divine Grace assisted by Angelic energies has assisted in the shifting of our personal and collective spiritual vortices. We have made the decision to release our lesser modes of being; the constrictions of Self we held are now falling away. We are now capable of containing the deeper sense of our true Selves, emerging as chalices of greater Grace, the truth of our souls revealed.
We are agreeing to bring into our life experience through our expression the pure intent of Spirit. We hold now a new and higher degree of light within us. A threshold of molecular reconfiguration is no longer only a possibility, but the threshold we have crossed to rediscovery and re-orientation of vast spaces of Truth, Trust and belief. We have not been without difficulty, feeling the compression of old attitudes and emotions heavy upon us, urging us to remain anchored in the paradigm of illusion. This temporary disharmony will not permanently dishearten or prevail. It is a resounding call that release of limitation is at hand, as we reconcile with our evolving physical vehicle and increased spiritual abilities and mastery.
The seeds with which we plant our creative concepts as we enter this higher level of consciousness are critical. Far more than ever before, we shall reap what we sow, and now, more quickly. As we recognize and consciously direct the power of our abilities, it is imperative that they are based upon a foundation of the good of the whole as one. Collective experiences as well, created as potential probabilities are becoming imminent reality. The funeral wrappings of the ego’s limitations are cast off as we are reborn anew with the resolve to live from a fuller, vaster place of spiritual recognition
Our commitment to demonstrate that we may transcend and transform any experience through love is paramount dissolving karmic residue in the process. External forces will no longer dictate our manner of life, self knowing allows for a multiplicity of rings in the pool of all possibilities. Though there is yet some sludge that may from time to time float to the surface, it is no longer confined to the depths of our psyche and is ready to be released to be cleansed and purified more easily and swiftly.
The Old despondency of longing is replaced by capturing the essence of one’s desire in new forms as our wants are upgraded to a curriculum of spiritually predicated desires, whose fulfillment provides a higher level of satisfaction for the whole. We are truly together within the Whole as One.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Neigborhood Of Disappointment

When Disappointment comes knocking at our door, it is a signal to alert us that we need to view a situation from a higher perspective. Without investigation and understanding, a resignation to reside in the neighborhood of disappointment will infuse our lives with lack and hopelessness. This will result in the silencing of our inner voice which becomes overlaid by the deafening shouts of the ego’s misperception. This brings us out of balance lowering our energy and resulting in setting up our creational address at a location in the lower frequencies of self judgment.

Transported by Faith beyond the frontier of hope we are relocated to higher ground to a residence of Trust. Here success is not measured by former worldly standards, here, self-acceptance and understanding harmoniously abide. Though disappointment may be passing through, it is not invited to stay and its visit of short duration results in our expanded knowledge and the impetus that propels us to a consistent and continual enhancement of our purpose.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Snippets of Thought

Each gesture of compassion and understanding you share with another comes directly from the heart of God, your exercising of it touches all of creation, as it travels through time and space back to its origin. Be it butterfly or Angel, it changes the world.

At any juncture in your experience of worldly time you may if you choose to do so consciously, discover another member of your soul family unknown to you presently. You can create a celebratory collaboration with this one for your life's work, or for the fulfillment of the essence of the longing for close family connection.