Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Princess Kind of Life

A client has recently experienced a couple of disappointments that have caused her to think perhaps life is getting in the way of her plans/desires again. I know the feeling all too well. I'm sure you may have experienced these feelings at times too.

Sharing our gifts, living our passions, doing what we know we do best is something we all desire; living who we feel we really are. Interesting how we get ourselves into situations all too often in our lives which don't allow us to be who we really are, as though we've cut ourselves off from the parts of ourselves we like best, withhold ourselves from those parts. Maybe its because we don't feel them as being real, or as real as our daily dutified life has come to be, the one we do allow ourselves to live in, but don't like. The one with the duties, obligations, what we think of as normal life. "Oh this must be the one that's real", so the "real" one comes to be all that we don't like, our default position then becomes," my reality is one I don't like but must endure."

I recognize that I'm steeped in this at times, but there must be a way out of it, and I intend to find it, even if that's simply more shifting of perception, and not the exact outer change that I think it should be. I know something will change in my outer circumstances as I continue to shift and grow, so I need to open to whatever that change is, instead of outlining it so closely, and so allow this continued change of perception and evolution of my mind and heart.

Ah, how much easier it is to feel this while there is silence and peace around me. I wonder if the cacophony around me is in my environment because it reflects me on an inner level, places inside in which I'm crying and screaming. Places I need to clear, those places where I'm still in resistance, the places where I haven't forgiven myself, the places where I'm retelling the past.

Today, I intend to create a different story than yesterday, one in which I'm not Cinderella. Granted, I'm not a princess either. So I guess I'll have an adventure today and discover what is in-between. I feel much of the time like Cinderella, ousted from her privileged life when her father and mother died. For a long time I've wanted to return to my former privileged princess life; now let's find out what is going to happen in the new version I'm writing. I'm betting it has nothing to do with glass slippers and a handsome prince. Could be something better in this new modern version, though I kinda am still partial to the old ending, oh well....I'll keep on writing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Past Perspectives

Approaching our past with a perspective of not wanting to make the same mistakes again, serves only as a reminder of what we don't want and puts our energy on what we don't want. Our past still exists as a part of our multidimensional experience, the one we remember is the one that our conscious self chose to enact from a limitless number of other possibilities. By judging ourselves for that choice, we ignore the value of the experience thereby limiting the future possibilities we might choose.

Every past experience whether we perceive it as good or not so good, holds a blessing, if we are willing to see it. We can observe the choice we made and ask ourselves questions about what we've learned. Our answers to these questions tells us whether or not we want to continue on that same path in the future and what course corrections may be indicated.
What was I trying to achieve, receive or offer in that situation? What outcome did I believe I needed? How did I feel when a different outcome occurred? Was I fully vested in my power then? How could I have been more conscious of my power? What would I have done differently if I had been more aware? To what degree did my emotions overtake my feeling of empowerment and disguise it?

Asking these questions assists us to change the choices that might have evolved from these past perspectives, had we not consciously processed them in this way. This eliminates those emotions and actions that did not and do not serve us so that we are able to move onto a path of highest good that is fulfilling on all levels.

None of these questions should serve to propel us to regret, but only to increased awareness of ourselves, our growth and most importantly, of our power to make another choice, again and again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreams of Light

Softly subdued are the jagged edges of memories. Losing form as I sing them lullabies, they languish in the mists of nothingness.
I dream, living dreams of light filled days. Ideas come to sit beside me; they nudge me with the repetitive motion of my mind's yearning for release. Imagination stirred, beginnings of more to come, what joy will it bring? What memory will it transmute? Smiling as I waft down the river of possibility, I come to solid land, to a soft place of subtlety where there exists, no expectations.
No emptiness here, only fullness. I'm held in the embrace of a world where my muses whisper their wisdom softly as snowflakes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How Do You Create

March 2011
How do you create?
On a human level we create with both love and fear, The Light (God) creates only through unconditional love. As physical beings, we tend to blame our fears and lack of desired manifestation on God's will, but the responsibility is ours, what are we creating with, love or fear?
We wonder why doesn't God, the angels or our guides simply step in and change this. Why? Because, we are providing the vibration that they will align with, or work through. If we are creating with doubt or fear, they have nothing to connect to- to align with, because that vibrational resonance isn't part of them. Though we are always one with All That Is, we cannot access the power of it, we separate our ability to use that power, when we move into a vibration of fear rather than love. We provide the vibration they will work with on this physical plane.
We don't manifest and create through our humanity, but rather through our divinity. It is when we align with our intrinsic birthright of divinity, that we connect with the power of The Light and higher realms and so create what we desire through love

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heart's Desire

If asked their heart's desire, many people have a ready list of replies. But do we really know our true heart's desire? Our heart's desire is to know our connection to the Divine, to connect with our spiritual essence.

Our heart's desire is our heart's truth. Living this truth fulfills us. Living in harmony with this resonance, this spiritual integrity, allows us to be, create and discover the good in everything. We flow with life, instead of pushing against it.

The glamorized version of heart's desire is our competitive agendas, our accumulation of things, our drive for success and accomplishment. Beneath such an inauthentic version lies the hunger for a deeper truth. This is why when we do achieve any or all of these; it never feels like enough, it never fills us.

If we allow our hearts to speak, and we truly listen, we hear our truth and this becomes our prayer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Have You Discovered Your Purpose?

People often come to The Lightspeakers or the Angels through me, to question their life purpose. They believe that if they discover their one over- riding purpose they will find their joy. The answer that has been offered to them, though specific in each individual case, has a similar basis. Their purpose is discovered from moment to moment. We each have timelines we exist within. At different points on our journey, we really do have different purposes. As we grow and evolve, so does our purpose, but we lose track of this, in the moment purpose, if we are busy searching for one major all important destiny.
We've already discovered our destiny. Our over-riding purpose in being here is to learn to love through limitation. Our mission at different purpose points along the way, is to infuse that particular purpose at that particular place in our journey with as much love as we can

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Energy Sensitivity

I'm becoming more and more sensitive to energy lately. Things that were once tolerable are now setting off alarms like never before. I've always been sensitive to energy. Once I began channeling, certain smells became repugnant to me. I was less and less able to withstand crowds because of the onslaught of so many varied energies assaulting my subtle bodies at once. Antique stores which I love to visit became really difficult. Honestly, I could hear the whispers from all who had once been attached energetically to their pieces of furniture and collectibles. There was sadness and joy, anger and love coming through me. It became very overwhelming at times.

Lately the sensitivity has increased. If I'm not in alignment with my higher good in my thoughts, emotions or behavior, I find myself immediately feeling "off". If I try to make things happen by force of will, things seem to stubbornly come to a standstill, the flow is interrupted, nothing moves. I've learned to recognize those times when I'm trying to force things , either because I want to make something happen, or because it's something that must be done, an obligation. I find if I wait till I feel myself flowing toward and not away from the desire or responsibility, things work out much better and with more ease.

As I've been transforming by my own request, there seems to be less "in between" spaces. I'm either in alignment or I'm not. I've become my own thermometer of sorts. Though it can be helpful much of the time to hold this type of awareness, there are also times when this is quite challenging. As one wave ends and we breathe a sigh of relief, another wave thrashes onto our inner shoreline and we're faced with further discomfort, as we continue to evolve to a higher state of being.

Like everyone else experiencing these mini-tidal waves that seem to rage within, I sometimes wonder if the movement to embody a higher more sacred space is worth it. Yet within the wondering, there is always the steadfast knowing that it is. There really is no turning back, because within the storm lies such great beauty and promise. The wind and rain cleansing what no longer serves, brings calm, the sky clears and dawn breaks upon the horizon. It is a time of miracles for all of us. Turning my face to the clouds, I'm thankful to be a part of this.