Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Past Perspectives

Approaching our past with a perspective of not wanting to make the same mistakes again, serves only as a reminder of what we don't want and puts our energy on what we don't want. Our past still exists as a part of our multidimensional experience, the one we remember is the one that our conscious self chose to enact from a limitless number of other possibilities. By judging ourselves for that choice, we ignore the value of the experience thereby limiting the future possibilities we might choose.

Every past experience whether we perceive it as good or not so good, holds a blessing, if we are willing to see it. We can observe the choice we made and ask ourselves questions about what we've learned. Our answers to these questions tells us whether or not we want to continue on that same path in the future and what course corrections may be indicated.
What was I trying to achieve, receive or offer in that situation? What outcome did I believe I needed? How did I feel when a different outcome occurred? Was I fully vested in my power then? How could I have been more conscious of my power? What would I have done differently if I had been more aware? To what degree did my emotions overtake my feeling of empowerment and disguise it?

Asking these questions assists us to change the choices that might have evolved from these past perspectives, had we not consciously processed them in this way. This eliminates those emotions and actions that did not and do not serve us so that we are able to move onto a path of highest good that is fulfilling on all levels.

None of these questions should serve to propel us to regret, but only to increased awareness of ourselves, our growth and most importantly, of our power to make another choice, again and again.


terri said...

liked this, christie! gonna see if i can tweet it.....
fingers crossed! :)
(i'm a wee bit challenged with twitter!!)

Christie said...

Thanks Terri, I just had a time on here getting to where I could publish your comment, shows how frequently I blog. Hope to get over to yours soon,always enjoy it! Have been really busy with readings lately, might be why I'm feeling more inspired to write.