Friday, March 11, 2011

How Do You Create

March 2011
How do you create?
On a human level we create with both love and fear, The Light (God) creates only through unconditional love. As physical beings, we tend to blame our fears and lack of desired manifestation on God's will, but the responsibility is ours, what are we creating with, love or fear?
We wonder why doesn't God, the angels or our guides simply step in and change this. Why? Because, we are providing the vibration that they will align with, or work through. If we are creating with doubt or fear, they have nothing to connect to- to align with, because that vibrational resonance isn't part of them. Though we are always one with All That Is, we cannot access the power of it, we separate our ability to use that power, when we move into a vibration of fear rather than love. We provide the vibration they will work with on this physical plane.
We don't manifest and create through our humanity, but rather through our divinity. It is when we align with our intrinsic birthright of divinity, that we connect with the power of The Light and higher realms and so create what we desire through love

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