Friday, July 2, 2010

Parallel Realities Of Self

I've been thinking a lot lately about probabilities and possibilities, what's the difference between them and what do they have to do with parallel selves? A former possibility became a probability and then reality in your life and mine because of a choice we made in the past. Since we know that the past is not “back there” because time is not linear, we understand that, that choice which occurred because of certain thoughts and feelings ,is still available for revision. So if we change our thoughts and feelings about our past, stop miring ourselves in guilt and regret can we affect our present and future,and so open the doorway to another self? The information I've been given is yes, and that there is more than one way to go about it.

One method is that we can revisit the past, go to a particular time and place when we made a decision that we now realize put us on a particular undesired path. If we feel ourselves fully within that moment, relive the surroundings, the view, sights, sounds, smells,tastes,and then make another choice, our inner being believes this is what occurred. Our thoughts and feelings shifted then thereby affecting our thoughts and feelings now, which are currently in synch with this different version, therefore our present self is affected, we have changed and so therefore has our reality. We have now in effect become another version of self.

Another method is going into meditation and feeling our way into a preferred reality, we've all had glimpses of this, if we move into the feeling sense of another part of us, the part that is another possible self, our focus on it brings it out of possibility into probability. From there continued focus even for a short time done consistently, brings this probable self into our reality. It's not that we are disappearing into another alternate place, but that we are drawing it to us here where we are now.

You might want to try both methods to see which one works best for you , sometimes I'll use the first method, sometimes the second depending on my mood, though I find the second method easier to work with overall. I'm committed to doing this work because I've been urged by my guides and Angels to focus here right now as an answer to some issues I was dealing with. It's been very helpful as it's empowered me to realize that many of the aspects I felt I was lacking, already exist for me and within me.