Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heart's Desire

If asked their heart's desire, many people have a ready list of replies. But do we really know our true heart's desire? Our heart's desire is to know our connection to the Divine, to connect with our spiritual essence.

Our heart's desire is our heart's truth. Living this truth fulfills us. Living in harmony with this resonance, this spiritual integrity, allows us to be, create and discover the good in everything. We flow with life, instead of pushing against it.

The glamorized version of heart's desire is our competitive agendas, our accumulation of things, our drive for success and accomplishment. Beneath such an inauthentic version lies the hunger for a deeper truth. This is why when we do achieve any or all of these; it never feels like enough, it never fills us.

If we allow our hearts to speak, and we truly listen, we hear our truth and this becomes our prayer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Have You Discovered Your Purpose?

People often come to The Lightspeakers or the Angels through me, to question their life purpose. They believe that if they discover their one over- riding purpose they will find their joy. The answer that has been offered to them, though specific in each individual case, has a similar basis. Their purpose is discovered from moment to moment. We each have timelines we exist within. At different points on our journey, we really do have different purposes. As we grow and evolve, so does our purpose, but we lose track of this, in the moment purpose, if we are busy searching for one major all important destiny.
We've already discovered our destiny. Our over-riding purpose in being here is to learn to love through limitation. Our mission at different purpose points along the way, is to infuse that particular purpose at that particular place in our journey with as much love as we can

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Energy Sensitivity

I'm becoming more and more sensitive to energy lately. Things that were once tolerable are now setting off alarms like never before. I've always been sensitive to energy. Once I began channeling, certain smells became repugnant to me. I was less and less able to withstand crowds because of the onslaught of so many varied energies assaulting my subtle bodies at once. Antique stores which I love to visit became really difficult. Honestly, I could hear the whispers from all who had once been attached energetically to their pieces of furniture and collectibles. There was sadness and joy, anger and love coming through me. It became very overwhelming at times.

Lately the sensitivity has increased. If I'm not in alignment with my higher good in my thoughts, emotions or behavior, I find myself immediately feeling "off". If I try to make things happen by force of will, things seem to stubbornly come to a standstill, the flow is interrupted, nothing moves. I've learned to recognize those times when I'm trying to force things , either because I want to make something happen, or because it's something that must be done, an obligation. I find if I wait till I feel myself flowing toward and not away from the desire or responsibility, things work out much better and with more ease.

As I've been transforming by my own request, there seems to be less "in between" spaces. I'm either in alignment or I'm not. I've become my own thermometer of sorts. Though it can be helpful much of the time to hold this type of awareness, there are also times when this is quite challenging. As one wave ends and we breathe a sigh of relief, another wave thrashes onto our inner shoreline and we're faced with further discomfort, as we continue to evolve to a higher state of being.

Like everyone else experiencing these mini-tidal waves that seem to rage within, I sometimes wonder if the movement to embody a higher more sacred space is worth it. Yet within the wondering, there is always the steadfast knowing that it is. There really is no turning back, because within the storm lies such great beauty and promise. The wind and rain cleansing what no longer serves, brings calm, the sky clears and dawn breaks upon the horizon. It is a time of miracles for all of us. Turning my face to the clouds, I'm thankful to be a part of this.

Fear & Mediocrity

Mediocrity is the result of acceding to fear. All of us have the potential for greatness in some shape or form but it dies while on the vine when we refuse to pluck the blossom of possibility.

Fear masquerades as hatred, complacency, at times, anger or resignation. We are not intrinsically creatures of such fear, it is learned behavior, and as such, may be unlearned.

We can choose to recognize our own and others strengths, we can diminish fear by not focusing on our limitations. We can honor our greatness without apology and assist others to do the same. There are truly no mediocre people, only those who have allowed their dreams to die. Please believe in your dreams and recognize your grandeur.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Parallel Realities Of Self

I've been thinking a lot lately about probabilities and possibilities, what's the difference between them and what do they have to do with parallel selves? A former possibility became a probability and then reality in your life and mine because of a choice we made in the past. Since we know that the past is not “back there” because time is not linear, we understand that, that choice which occurred because of certain thoughts and feelings ,is still available for revision. So if we change our thoughts and feelings about our past, stop miring ourselves in guilt and regret can we affect our present and future,and so open the doorway to another self? The information I've been given is yes, and that there is more than one way to go about it.

One method is that we can revisit the past, go to a particular time and place when we made a decision that we now realize put us on a particular undesired path. If we feel ourselves fully within that moment, relive the surroundings, the view, sights, sounds, smells,tastes,and then make another choice, our inner being believes this is what occurred. Our thoughts and feelings shifted then thereby affecting our thoughts and feelings now, which are currently in synch with this different version, therefore our present self is affected, we have changed and so therefore has our reality. We have now in effect become another version of self.

Another method is going into meditation and feeling our way into a preferred reality, we've all had glimpses of this, if we move into the feeling sense of another part of us, the part that is another possible self, our focus on it brings it out of possibility into probability. From there continued focus even for a short time done consistently, brings this probable self into our reality. It's not that we are disappearing into another alternate place, but that we are drawing it to us here where we are now.

You might want to try both methods to see which one works best for you , sometimes I'll use the first method, sometimes the second depending on my mood, though I find the second method easier to work with overall. I'm committed to doing this work because I've been urged by my guides and Angels to focus here right now as an answer to some issues I was dealing with. It's been very helpful as it's empowered me to realize that many of the aspects I felt I was lacking, already exist for me and within me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Logic or the Heart's Knowing?

I believe we are moving into a time of the higher heart. This space within us is not to be confused with sentimentality or sympathy, for yourselves or others. It is an enlightened space within that acknowledges that the intellect alone isn't equipped to guide our path in life and that the application of conscious vulnerability from the higher heart is necessary.

We've been taught to keep our heart closed for self-preservation to promote self-interest as a survival mechanism. Those that do not are cast as either saints (think Mother Theresa), or fools, the latter for the most part anonymous.

We've heard imminent change heralded quite a bit, and yet, the underlying message of logic as our lens for participation in the world remains. If we are frightened that giving reign to this heart space will have us dissolving in tears, unable to cope or strategize, we have nothing to fear. The higher heart, infused with intuitive wisdom will in fact lead us more adeptly through those situations that require courage and foresight. By allowing ourselves to open to allowing situations and others to be who they are, by not personalizing, taking offense at their attitudes and actions, we are opening to a vulnerability that does not include victimization. We will not stand in this space and serve ourselves up as a sacrifice, absolutely not. In fact, the higher heart grants us the wisdom to step aside without judgment when such a potential threat looms. The intellect alone so often infused with ego orientations, has often failed us in this regard.

I recently wrote the following when posting a reply on a friend's blog, it became the prompt for this post and it best sums up my own stance in regard to the logic vs. heart knowing question:
"Whenever I try to lead with my head, my heart trembles a little, I guess it feels a bit lost and forgotten when I try so hard to be logical, the way most of the world says we should be. What I'm learning is that I'm not more in control of anything when my head is in charge. It seems that way, but I'm really more vulnerable because I'm cutting off such a large part of myself.
For me, I like to be consciously vulnerable, when I allow my heart to lead, but don't lose my head, I may not be invulnerable, but I usually manage to handle most of what comes my way."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painting Life with Light

It has been said that we create our reality. I believe we create through remembering. Remembering where we come from and who we really are enables us to create as artists painting with Light. Our desires are so strong simply because we remember having them, living them, being them. Where we come from all is ours without limitation, we've come here to re-create this within limitation. Seems like a strange thing to do, yet we are images of the Divine, individually creating in another context, one which appears much of the time to be steeped in hostility, greed and fear.

Creating within this context appealed to our soul just as a mystery thriller appeals to our human mind. The particular context we are presently creating in is one of the most difficult to delve into, there are other worlds a bit easier to navigate. Yet souls actually line up for the enormous challenge of Earth School. Do you relate to raising your hand for some of the most difficult courses? If so, I was the one next to you, waving enthusiastically, volunteering for a few semesters in accelerated learning.

Sometimes I regret volunteering, sometimes I am awed by the fact that I seemed to get a passing grade. Mostly I try to remember that what I'm creating is a choice, and I came here with everything I need to paint my life with light. I've only recently begun to understand that the temptation to correct others canvasses doesn't improve their picture, that the shadows I may see in their paintings are caused by my standing too close and blocking the light. When I go back to focusing on my own creation, mine becomes brighter and reflects light into life's studio.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joyof Knowing One's Purpose

I've just finished an Angel reading for someone in Belgium. It is difficult to put into words the joy and expansiveness I feel when doing a reading. This feeling stays with me for quite a while afterward as does the energy of the person I have read for.

I felt so much oneness with this individual and her family, I could see her spirit so clearly, see and feel the energy of where she lives, though I know little in the worldly sense of small Belgian villages , yet I was there. The connection that occurs in such a reading for someone is something I cherish, it is lasting and unbroken ever after and it is what I finally have come to understand as what is meant by “we are all one”

I feel incredibly honored to be doing this work, when I'm in the midst of it, I am outside of time and space. Whether in the moment I am united with the angelic realm or the dimension of The Lightspeakers, I feel the purity of their energy soaring through me as grace, as I also feel the deep beauty of the spirit of the person they are connecting with through me.

I have never felt more sure of what I am meant to do, I realize this is truly my right place and my mission. I cannot begin to offer enough gratitude for what this has come to mean to me as my life's work. To have this trust placed in me by the higher realms as well as those who come to me requesting guidance and healing, surpasses any wealth I could attain or the best of worldly circumstances.

I can only echo the words of The Lightspeakers and the Angels : “Amen” and “Rejoice”

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spiritual Being Practicing Human

We always have the choice where to set our attention, our life's landscape is hellish or heavenly based on our choice of perspective. I'm finally beginning to really get this in my own life. Focusing on the good brings more joyful experiences, focusing on what I deem to be the not so good brings me more to fear.

If I look through the eyes of my soul, aided by the lens of spiritual sight
I see my continued growth,I can feel my frequency rise and sense the good that is coming. When I have lived with the sense that life was against me, those illusions rose up as specters of lack in all areas of my life.

Life on the physical plane can indeed be challenging at times, yet it is less so when I remind myself that everything, absolutely everything is an opportunity for learning and growth. An opportunity to increase my ability for love, compassion and trust. We are not mythological heroes being challenged to endure tragedies by the gods as part of their parlor games. We are given life by the Light along with free choice always inherent within it. This beneficent Source wants only our good and our joy, not punishment for what we see as our misdeeds. We are not being forced to behave by the threat of retribution the Universe is loving not vengeful and allows us to choose how and when we will come into an understanding of our wholeness. It's through my own choices that I have set up my life experiences, it is through my perception regarding those choices that I can live as a warrior fighting everything that gets in my way, as a victim without power or as a spiritual being on a journey of rediscovering who I truly am. I'm free to chastise myself for my mistakes and wallow in regret and fear of the consequences or I can forgive myself and others, knowing we are all doing the best we can based on our current perceptions.

If I'm upset it indicates that I'm out of alignment with myself and my highest and best. Instead of feeling guilty for it, I allow whatever the feeling is to pass through me and I move forward....most of the time. I'm a spiritual being but a practicing human as well. As a spiritual being I know I am worthy, as a practicing human I frequently need to remind myself of this.

So I continue the unfolding journey, sometimes with sadness but more often of late with the joy that lies at the center of my being, holding the goodness that I believe for others, myself, my life and my connection to the whole. I'm now able to be thankful for things I once would never imagined worthy of gratitude,for people in my life I now see as having been my teachers. The messages continue to come, more frequently and clearly as I realize more and more my own power to create in this life.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Are You Plugged In To The Field Of Blessings

Some call it the “Morphogenetic Field”, some call it the greater “Mind Field” or simply the “Field”, I call it the “Field Of Blessings”. Regardless of what it is called, it is a palpable energy Field. Most of us know someone for whom life seems to work, at least most of the time. Those fortunate few who seem to be so blessed. We wonder why, what is their secret? The secret is they are plugged into the Field. When we align ourselves, plug into this energetic Field, we too can live gracefully with ease and flow.

You are not plugged into the Field if you perceive an undesired circumstance in your life as an obstacle to your good.

You are plugged into the Field if you see an undesired circumstance as holding valuable and meaningful information.

You are not plugged into the Field of Blessings if you believe this block to be an external force.
You are plugged in if you realize it represents an internal belief.

You are not plugged in if you believe success is on hold until this block changes or is removed.
You are plugged in if you look for:

The purpose of the situation – what am I not seeing, what could I be seeing differently?
What attitude might I change?
Is there a better thought about this, a better approach?
Am I ready to have what I want with the perceived obstacle still present?

You are not plugged into the Field if you believe the situation can be “fixed” by using intellectualizing, pressure, aggressive action, money.

You are plugged into the Field if you are open to resolution by:

Being clear about yourself and your desires
Identifying your root belief which has created the circumstance as an obstacle
You are willing to listen to inner promptings of intuition
You are willing to let go of the belief.

Change always begins within, the power is there for you as soon as you are ready to plug into it.

Published on Selfgrowth.com 6/09

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Conversion of Personal and Collective Energies

The Great Awakening has occurred; it is leading us to a deeper orientation and recognition of ourselves within the framework of Creation. Divine Grace assisted by Angelic energies has assisted in the shifting of our personal and collective spiritual vortices. We have made the decision to release our lesser modes of being; the constrictions of Self we held are now falling away. We are now capable of containing the deeper sense of our true Selves, emerging as chalices of greater Grace, the truth of our souls revealed.
We are agreeing to bring into our life experience through our expression the pure intent of Spirit. We hold now a new and higher degree of light within us. A threshold of molecular reconfiguration is no longer only a possibility, but the threshold we have crossed to rediscovery and re-orientation of vast spaces of Truth, Trust and belief. We have not been without difficulty, feeling the compression of old attitudes and emotions heavy upon us, urging us to remain anchored in the paradigm of illusion. This temporary disharmony will not permanently dishearten or prevail. It is a resounding call that release of limitation is at hand, as we reconcile with our evolving physical vehicle and increased spiritual abilities and mastery.
The seeds with which we plant our creative concepts as we enter this higher level of consciousness are critical. Far more than ever before, we shall reap what we sow, and now, more quickly. As we recognize and consciously direct the power of our abilities, it is imperative that they are based upon a foundation of the good of the whole as one. Collective experiences as well, created as potential probabilities are becoming imminent reality. The funeral wrappings of the ego’s limitations are cast off as we are reborn anew with the resolve to live from a fuller, vaster place of spiritual recognition
Our commitment to demonstrate that we may transcend and transform any experience through love is paramount dissolving karmic residue in the process. External forces will no longer dictate our manner of life, self knowing allows for a multiplicity of rings in the pool of all possibilities. Though there is yet some sludge that may from time to time float to the surface, it is no longer confined to the depths of our psyche and is ready to be released to be cleansed and purified more easily and swiftly.
The Old despondency of longing is replaced by capturing the essence of one’s desire in new forms as our wants are upgraded to a curriculum of spiritually predicated desires, whose fulfillment provides a higher level of satisfaction for the whole. We are truly together within the Whole as One.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Neigborhood Of Disappointment

When Disappointment comes knocking at our door, it is a signal to alert us that we need to view a situation from a higher perspective. Without investigation and understanding, a resignation to reside in the neighborhood of disappointment will infuse our lives with lack and hopelessness. This will result in the silencing of our inner voice which becomes overlaid by the deafening shouts of the ego’s misperception. This brings us out of balance lowering our energy and resulting in setting up our creational address at a location in the lower frequencies of self judgment.

Transported by Faith beyond the frontier of hope we are relocated to higher ground to a residence of Trust. Here success is not measured by former worldly standards, here, self-acceptance and understanding harmoniously abide. Though disappointment may be passing through, it is not invited to stay and its visit of short duration results in our expanded knowledge and the impetus that propels us to a consistent and continual enhancement of our purpose.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Snippets of Thought

Each gesture of compassion and understanding you share with another comes directly from the heart of God, your exercising of it touches all of creation, as it travels through time and space back to its origin. Be it butterfly or Angel, it changes the world.

At any juncture in your experience of worldly time you may if you choose to do so consciously, discover another member of your soul family unknown to you presently. You can create a celebratory collaboration with this one for your life's work, or for the fulfillment of the essence of the longing for close family connection.