Friday, October 19, 2007

Reality Constructs & Manifestation

A reality construct is a belief system which serves as a kind of filter for us in life. We block or filter out certain things, we include others. This then forms our perception of our limitations and abilities. The more we examine different constructs the more we understand the role we play within a construct. We expand or contract within different constructs/belief systems.

Within some it's unlikely we would explore some of the goals that we would if we were operating from a different system. Taking on a new construct can open us up to previously unexplored potential within.

Reality seems very different when viewed from the perspective of a different context. If you've ever switched belief systems you know what I mean. For instance if you were to change your belief from that of a fundamentalist to say a Buddhist or Taoist, you would then include many options formerly unavailable to you.

Some of us realize we've assumed a construct that is disempowering for us because we realize that our ability to tackle certain challenges is severely hampered or we find we have no motivation to even pursue them. Our reality systems are the framework upon which we build our lives, our basic spiritual and philosophical beliefs are the foundation upon which our values are based. Our goals are then erected upon our values.

What is valuable to us is what we will choose to pursue as a goal. In essence then, one reality construct would lead us to pursue one set of goals while another construct might have us pursue some quite different.

If we want to manifest a particular goal or desire and have been unable to do so, it's likely that our reality construct hasn't shifted completely enough. It may filter out certain information necessary for us to access those desires. Despite positive thinking and the repetition of affirmations, if our basic construct isn't in sync with our desires, they will remain unfulfilled.

For example, if unknowingly you carry vestiges of a construct which includes a belief that most of what happens to you is beyond your control, that God/the Universe is a puppet master, you will have difficulty realizing results. If you view yourself within your reality as basically flawed, defective in some way, whether because of original sin or childhood experiences you must let go of those aspects of your former paradigm to live fully within a new one. Living within the new one fully allows your desires to manifest.

So it's essential we investigate our construct deeply. We have the choice to remain within a former one and so perhaps reorient our desires. Or we can choose another construct and move into it so completely that we allow our desires to manifest.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace has always been one of my favorite hymns. Hmmm, wonder why they call them "hymns", and not "hers". Anyway, I wasn't exposed to this hymn as a child but when I heard it for the first time I was mesmerized, I still can't listen to it without tears welling up.

I was recently thinking about grace in my life and realized that many people have come into my life as instruments of grace. Some of them have stayed, some have not, yet they all in their own unique way have taught me something about love. Sometimes not in the way I would have preferred.

Still it has been grace, it has caused me to grow and to expand. I wanted to honor all of them, so thought about listing their names on my site. But that could create issues, some might feel slighted if their name didn't appear listed. I thought about offering to add the names of any I may have overlooked, but I might run out of space.

Originally, I thought I would have two catagories, those currently active in my life and a generalized notation of those that I appreciated though they were not currently active. I've since decided that could potentially open up a Pandora's Box, so I left that box unopened.

I'm still not sure if I'll put up some form of Amazing Grace List on my site, maybe someday I'll come up with an improved version. For now, I'll leave it for this blog to honor the Amazing Grace in my life.

I say that in present tense because whether or not you are here in my life now or you were just passing through, please know that I honor you now. For me you remain present as Amazing Grace in my life. No know who you are.

Thanks and Gratitude,
Christie Pennington