Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spiritual Puzzles

Sometimes I’m a bit overwhelmed at all the spiritual/metaphysical offerings out there, too many to imagine, many diverse approaches. I wonder what it all really means, the big picture. Are all these teachers, offering truth? Are they/we all authentic? How is it possible if there are so many versions? Is it all a meaningless morass of monetary megalomania, or is it magnificence? Have you ever wondered?

Obviously, I have and here’s what I’ve come up with. Millions of puzzle pieces comprising millions of individual puzzles all contributing to one vast universal picture. Each of us is seeking those pieces that fit our particular puzzle. We each find our puzzle pieces in our own way at our own time as we sort through them and piece them together. The multiplicity of services and modalities out there are all valuable. They all offer pieces of someone’s puzzle, some fit yours, others fit mine.

What if the puzzle piece/service offered is motivated strictly by greed. I believe this occurs less frequently than most imagine, but can this hold any value? It does because somewhere some person is desperately seeking an answer, their puzzle piece may have strange origins but if it fits their puzzle it works for them. They’ve found an answer, a need was met, hope fulfilled, confirmation found, sustenance supplied...... or not. Maybe they needed the experience of a sham to learn the nuances of trust or some other related lesson, they gained some value. Certainly I don’t promote spiritual scamming or greed, I’ve been outraged by it, but then, that was only my perception, my own judgment of a process I may not fully understand.

Then there are those in greater multiplicity who do stand steadfast in truth and authentically contribute their version of it in service. Multitudes are assisted and served as a result. All the versions, all the pieces are valuable, each to someone searching for their particular piece of their puzzle. All the puzzles fit together to form a vast picture, network of good. A grand puzzle of a beneficent Universe in which each is called to offer what is theirs to contribute, receive what is theirs to learn. I’m reminded of the saying from a few years ago, “It’s all good”. And so it is!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Beings

We've all dealt with pain but there's really no adequate means of measuring it. It's an individual experience, though generally certain events are considered more painful.
Because pain is so uncomfortable and
Because it causes many unpleasant repercussions in our lives, our desire to decrease or eliminate it is understandable. In fact, for some of us, the desire to keep pain at bay causes us to retreat from living our lives fully. Or our inability to shed our pain often leads us to pass it on to others in a mindless exchange of pain participation.

When I first realized that carrying my past pain with its accompanying bitterness and resentment, was actually causing me to draw more of it to me, I was stunned. The Law of Attraction it seems works both ways.

I wish I could say the mere realization of this immediately changed everything, that in one awestruck lightening filled moment I was healed of my need to carry past pain and pass it along. Truthfully, that wasn't the fact.

Transforming pain is a process but I have made significant progress and that progress has made life a much richer experience for me. As we honor ourselves and our lives as sacred, we may wish to remember to also honor others experience of pain, though not the pain itself. Some experiences that cause one individual pain may not be the cause of pain for another. Sometimes we may judge another's pain as insignificant so we don't offer a supportive spirit to those whose pain we may feel is trifling compared with our own.

I'm reminding myself here as I remind you, that pain whatever the source, is a deep and difficult experience. Many times in order for us to move through and out of the pain process we really need to know that not our pain itself but our experience of it is validated.

Let's remember to join together in doing this for one another as part of honoring ourselves and others as Holy Beings.

I honor you.....Christie

Monday, April 13, 2009

Identity Crisis

Ever wonder who you really are? Having trouble with self-identity? Here's a clue, it's not your job title, who you are married to, or not. Your car, or your house, your kids or your achievements.

It's the unencumbered soul who showed up within that tiny baby before the first candle was placed on the birthday cake. The authentic one, the one that cried when it was hurt, the one that reached out it's hands expecting it's needs to be met, expecting love....being love.

Yes, even believing it was the center of the Universe, because this soul understood that it was the Universe. An integral part of everything, no separation, part of the All That Is - One With God.
There was no identity crisis. This is who you were....this is who you are.

You know who you are.....Christie
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