Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do You Live In The Land of Trouble?

All Fairytales are based on truth…..

Once upon a time there was a girl named Troublelina who lived in the Land of Trouble. She hummed/vibrated, lived, thought, felt at the level of misfortune. The Land of Trouble was not a happy place to live.
The people living there were a lot like Troublelina, they all mostly talked about how hard things were, how nothing seemed to go their way, how much trouble they had. They even held contests to see who held the record for the most trouble in their lives. Troublelina had won this contest several times.

Everyone wanted to live somewhere else, yet none could believe that a better place existed. Everyone agreed, and this didn’t happen often, that there was…sigh…no other land but the Land of Trouble.
One night after tossing and turning due to worry, Troublelina finally fell asleep and had an unusual dream; she dreamt that she lived in a very different land, a land where people were friendly and happy. It was a light-filled place. It was called the land of Ease. The people there lived without conflict, complaints and misfortune. It did occasionally rain in this land but when it did, the people still smiled, they didn’t complain, they found something to focus on and to do that was positive. Rainy days became opportunities for creativity. They even had a Contest of Creativity.

When Troublelina awoke she just knew in her heart that this land existed and believed she would find it. She set the intention, made the decision, trusted herself. Instead of worrying how she would get there or how much packing she needed to do, she closed her eyes and imagined herself there, in this wonderful land, in every detail. She saw it, she felt it, tasted it, smelled it! That’s when it happened, some might call it a miracle, others would call it the result of expectation. She opened her eyes….and she was there. Troublelina had moved from the Land Of Trouble to the Land of Ease!

The Land Of Ease was everything Troublelina had expected it would be, everything she had imagined. She would love for you to write if you have any questions about her experience. She’s changed her name though; it seemed like the natural thing to do. Just address it to Easealina in the Land of Ease. Don’t forget to include a return address, where was it you said you lived? Oh, the Land of Trouble, too bad. You might want to consider relocating; it’s easier than you think. Don’t bother to pack, leave your baggage behind. Close your eyes and see yourself living in the Land Of Ease. Feel yourself giving and receiving love, living in trust, honoring yourself, knowing you are cared for. Understanding you have the power to transform all aspects of your life to good with your intentions and feelings. Now open your eyes! Welcome home.

©Christie Pennington

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Blessing Train

Let me tell you about the Blessing Train. As a child we frequently visited a family who were not biologically related but were nonetheless like family to my mother and me. They appeared to my childlike eyes to be perfect, the perfect family. I always felt safe when I was there visiting for the weekend. At night in bed you could hear the train whistle calling in the distance, it was incredibly comforting, an anchor of my experience there, the sense of kindness and safety I felt.

Where I live now, I can again hear a train whistle in the night and early morning, a reminder of that long ago time, it evokes a bittersweet memory. Most of the time I hear it when I’m communicating with my Angels, quirky how it seems to always arrive at that particular time. It seems to come as a confirmation from them that I am safe.

Not too long ago I had a vision as the whistle echoed in the distance. As it came closer I saw a train coming into the station of my town, average looking people were on the train, talking, playing cards, doing things average people do. But as the train entered the station and passed through the town, all these average people rose to take their places on both sides of the train facing the windows. Palms raised they looked out smiling, their ordinary clothes gone, as they were transfigured to light, and wings appeared. Standing there, these lovely Angels of light were blessing us, the entire town, all of us.

Now I realize this vision would most likely be considered a fantasy by some who look kindly upon me, considered something less charitable by those who do not. It doesn’t really matter, because each time I hear the train whistle I see this clearly and know that I am blessed. So whether you regard my story as fantasy, or something else, in any case, know that you are blessed too.