Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joyof Knowing One's Purpose

I've just finished an Angel reading for someone in Belgium. It is difficult to put into words the joy and expansiveness I feel when doing a reading. This feeling stays with me for quite a while afterward as does the energy of the person I have read for.

I felt so much oneness with this individual and her family, I could see her spirit so clearly, see and feel the energy of where she lives, though I know little in the worldly sense of small Belgian villages , yet I was there. The connection that occurs in such a reading for someone is something I cherish, it is lasting and unbroken ever after and it is what I finally have come to understand as what is meant by “we are all one”

I feel incredibly honored to be doing this work, when I'm in the midst of it, I am outside of time and space. Whether in the moment I am united with the angelic realm or the dimension of The Lightspeakers, I feel the purity of their energy soaring through me as grace, as I also feel the deep beauty of the spirit of the person they are connecting with through me.

I have never felt more sure of what I am meant to do, I realize this is truly my right place and my mission. I cannot begin to offer enough gratitude for what this has come to mean to me as my life's work. To have this trust placed in me by the higher realms as well as those who come to me requesting guidance and healing, surpasses any wealth I could attain or the best of worldly circumstances.

I can only echo the words of The Lightspeakers and the Angels : “Amen” and “Rejoice”