Thursday, December 18, 2008

Infinite Possibility

I'll begin this with the qualification that I don't claim to be a master but I do believe we come here to embody our divine origins in the physical and that as a species we are moving ever closer to that realization. Mastery of our lives is attained by harmonizing with a higher level of consciousness. This higher plane is the realm of original Mind, call it what you will; Source, the Universe...I call it the Light. The ultimate truths of reality; love, joy, peace, prosperity lie here within this Mind, not in the distortion of our limited physical world.

We see these as intangible and unreachable because we live in the physical realm of illusion. It is illusion because it is only a reflection not reality and as we know by looking at a reflection in water and many mirrors, it is often distorted.

When we learn to mentally unite ourselves with the best things, the highest things, that is what we will experience in life. The superior solutions for health, love and power lie within us when we are willing to accesss them through linking to a higher lever of experience. To create a magical life we must deny what others call pragmatic thinking and see it for what it is, limited thinking. Such logical thought posited that man could never fly, or communicate across thousands of miles. We now know with certainty that such thinking though pragmatic at the time, was limited.

We must deny the reality of this world to live in the truth of a higher consciousness of belief in the availability of the best. We must respond to the question " Who do you think you are to believe you can achieve prosperity, love and joy" by saying " I am infinite possibility"

Monday, December 8, 2008


We come with glad tidings of News appropriate to your love of self. Much ado is made about love of others and the sacrifice of new birth that you commemorate in your world this Season. Yet we come speaking differently, with reminders of love....of yourselves.

Others will tell you to give to others in this Season of Revival of birth, but we tell you to remember to love deeply who you are. Invest yourselves as well in learning what most deeply brings you peace, brings you joy, brings you meaning, and spend time, even small bits of time doing such things as often as possible, with the intention of showing love for yourselves.

When you are tempted to put yourselves in way of harm such as imbibing those things you may have sworn off of such as richness of food or drink not desired, ask yourself - "is this a loving act toward myself"? When feeling angry, disappointed or frustrated with another or a situation and about to lash out, ask within - "how will I feel towards myself after I blow this steam outward, will I feel loving toward myself"?

When you stop in the moment and ask yourself - "is this love, does this feel loving...for me, much does change. Part of that change becomes more love displayed toward others also, yet this is not the reason we suggest it.

We suggest this little bit of selfishness, this love of self first, and then others, so that you will not be depleted. The well of love from which others drink is filled from within first. You cannot take a teaspoon to the well and then serve a thirsty man a cup of water.

You begin by quenching your own thirst first, by bringing the biggest vessel you can to love's Source and drinking deeply. No more teaspoons, not even cups, we say, begin with a few gallon jugs, then graduate to larger and larger containers that you fill yourselves up to the brim with self-love. Then you may serve a thirsty world.