Friday, July 31, 2009

The Void

The void felt so large, so dark
It grew larger and larger until it I felt is was all of me
That large gaping emptiness that was all that I was
I looked and looked all around to be filled,
The void grew still larger
It was then I stopped looking
And asked for transformation from within.
It was then I felt the warmth
Descending, the Light poured
I stretched, opening to receive
And the void began to morph
Becoming a cup
And still the Light poured and the cup expanded
Till it became a chalice of grace
Filled to the brim and overflowing

©C. Pennington

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mystical Forest

I live in the midst of a mystical forest, my backyard is a very special place filled with old towering trees that hold messages and memories. Majestic in height, they keep darkened private places, yet allow the light to stream through in various spots shining warmth, grace and future possibilities.

The trees like wizards frozen in time, their branches like long beards swaying gently in the wind, whisper their visions. I visit these wizened wizards that grow here often. At one time I resented them as an intrusion, now I seek their wisdom and comfort.

They speak of many things, for some time now they have spoken of the Portal. A wisdom gate uniting dimensions. Through hushed voices accompanied by nuances of light dancing through their leaves, I came to truly see and recognize the power that this space evokes. It has since become home to the of the Angel Of Grace, a statue lives there now bathed in flowers. At any time of day, the light joyfully casts itself upon this reminder of Grace given, flowing through all dimensions here. Each morning I'm urged to greet this space gratefully with open mind and heart to edit the past, invoke the future and adore the present.

I invite you to come and visit, if only in your mind's eye and travel to your other dimensions. Meet your other selves as I do mine. Those aspects of yourself glimpsed here and there, bleed-throughs from the selves that made a different choice. Discover those other aspects experiences and wisdom and integrate them with your own. Listen carefully to what they tell you and return with the knowing of your own power.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Presence of Peace

Freedom of time, to find the presence of peace, a freedom not within my current reach

Time to sit in the stillness, to remember, to appreciate all that is, and perhaps all that is not

The chaos persists just the same, despite the willingness to learn to shift, to change

Small apexes open up and the elusive seems within my grasp, there it is, a space, a moment of peace,

Then it slips away into an unknown place waiting for me to play hide and seek, to find It again

It always returns but I beg it to never leave, to stay with me to be fully present always

The awareness place of peace is what I’m learning

Being the presence of that peace within whatever chaos is present in the moment

I’m challenged by the difficulty, yet persist nonetheless, perhaps persistence is pointless

And I merely need to open, to accept, to embrace what I now pursue
I wonder if I had more freedom of time, would peace be more present?

Or is it my gift that I do not, so that I must reach for it within the constraints at hand

Dance with it outside of time, breathe it in each moment