Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 5th Eye; Seeing into the 5th dimension

As many of you know, I facilitated a Summer Solstice Gateway ceremony bringing in the Ascension energies of self-love recently. Several of those who took part in the Ceremony long distance have asked about the mention of the presence of Archangel Tzapkiel.

Archangel Tzapkiel is not generally well-known except to those with a knowledge of the Kaballah where he plays a significant role. In a metaphysical context Tzapkiel contains most of those traits for which he is known in the Hebrew text but is also associated with the third eye as we move into the 5th dimensional frequency. We are already many of us straddling both 3rd and 4th dimensional comprehension. The Ascension or Shift as it is also called brings us more predominately into the 5th.

The sixth chakra known as the third eye at the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension becomes known as the 5th eye as higher psychic abilities become prevalent. The third eye is associated with the pineal gland, which for most of us is inactive or underactive, after puberty. This is also changing as we shift and the pineal takes on a more active role facilitating the increased abilities just mentioned.

Some of the other glands of the body have already been undergoing changes. Many of those who have opened as channels have undergone thyroid problems over the last decade. I myself had my thyroid removed due to illness not too long before I began channeling. This is not to imply that we have to lose our body parts to move into higher awareness, many do not share my experience, I mention it only to illustrate that our physical as well as subtle bodies are going through remarkable transitions. We are evolving humans moving to a higher level of experience though still in the physical. Evolution has not been completed, it continues as we move into becoming beings of light. The pituitary, thyroid, thymus and hypothalamus glands are all affected by spiritual development and the quotient of light present in our energy bodies. All the clairvoyant abilities which are natural though dormant for many will become fully functional.

The third eye or 5th eye as it functions at the 5th dimensional level allows for a much higher degree of perception which extends to a higher level of communication. We are moving toward a Unity never before seen on this planet, higher perception and communication will establish and maintain such Unity. A Unity in which each of us desires for another what we desire for ourselves, a time in which we will return to know community in a richer more loving evolved way that brings us to a true understanding that All are One.