Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fountain Effect

If we approach our desires from a standpoint of lack, by forcing and clutching to grab our desires from outside of us. Believing we don’t have them within us, we invoke struggle. Struggle often doesn’t result in achieving our desired outcome. Coming from a position of lack causes us to look outside ourselves instead of within.

Our attitude and belief must be one of spreading, expanding, flowing from our inner reserves into the outer world, not trying to capture something we don’t have from out there, to bring it into us to fill up our reservoir. Like attracts like. A wise teacher once said that “to those who have, more will be given”. I found that very confusing for a long time. It came around again in a song “them that’s got shall have, them that’s not shall lose”, I still didn’t get it. What’s difficult for us to get about this is that we can’t see what’s already there within us. We don’t see the evidence of it in the physical so we assume it doesn’t yet exist. We want to see it first and believe it later.

I believe that one of the services that Angels provide is to remind us that “it’s all inside”. You don’t need to share my belief in Angels to believe this to be true. You can call it what you want, your inner voice, your intuition, whatever the term, there is that something that does prompt us, if we’re listening. They/It whisper that the attributes we desire in our lives are already there within us, waiting to flow outward. To be let loose to flow out into our lives and then back to us abundantly in much the same way a fountain operates.

This harkens back to the “being, doing, having” concept which is invaluable. I don’t know about you but I’ve spent a great portion of my life looking outside to acquire fulfillment of my desires. The “having” always seemed to dictate the “being”. The “having” was then achieved by the “doing”, according to the world's standards.

We can’t simply paste on a “being” in the way that children once dressed paper dolls. When we try to force a new self-image onto our personality this is exactly the same process. Pretending isn’t “being”, what’s missing here is the soul. The soul is the “being” aspect. It already contains what we desire, we don’t need to pretend. So the being aspect comes from our remembering our soul nature and emanating from that part of us. This isn’t pretending because the soul is always in connection with The Light and contains all the attributes of the Light.

Our soul already contains the love, wisdom, peace, power and prosperity we desire. This is where the flow originates. Then as it flows from this inner reserve out into the world, it returns to us showering us with all abundance.

Flowing abundance and love......Christie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going For The Jugular

Psychic Vampire is a colorful phrase that really offers a clear visual of this experience. If you have not experienced an interaction of this kind, count yourself as fortunate. Most of us have however interacted with one, at one time or another. Even more alarming is the idea that we may actually have been the vampire in question unconsciously.

Psychic vampires suck energy from us whether or not they mean to at the time. Ah, the light dawns, (no pun intended) do you perhaps recognize an occasion or two where you may have indulged in this behavior? It's one of those things we never associate with ourselves when it comes up in conversation. It's naturally one of those "other" people who indulge in such behavior. You know, the ones on the far side of your recognition field with a big sign with letters scrawled in red identifying them clearly.

Unfortunately they are not often clearly distinguishable whether they be us or someone else. A psychic vampire can be anyone, a friend, lover, parent, child. Well, maybe not, we'll let most of the kids off the hook since we expect them to drain us dry, it's part of the job description as a parent that we signed on for. Though it's possible for a parent to display vampirish tendencies, it's much more frequently found among friends and lovers.

Then there is the case of those psychic vampires that actually do consciously mean us harm. I'm not speaking gypsy curses here, though I won't rule out the possibility of it's attempt by some. I'm speaking of the sort of thing when you know others may not only delight in your misfortune but may be be willing to take part in some activity to promote it. Those who hold on to grievance's real or imagined for centuries.

There are many reasons a psychic vampire may become part of your life. Much of it has to do with them. Your involvement is the part of you that is serving as a trigger, usually some fear or strong anxiety you hold is of a vibration they carry and can attach to.

The best way to deal with anyone you sense is bleeding you dry in any way is to be sure you have no places within you they can attach to. Bitterness, envy, negativity.Psychic vampires feed on your fear. If you hold no fear in relation to them or anger, they have nothing to attach to, you lift yourself up above the situation. You can see yourself outside the situation from above, knowing no harm can reach you. Flowing love and kindness from a place of safety.

Of course the best course is to live in a frequency which they do not inhabit which means consciously monitoring our own thoughts and declining those negative anxieties and doubts that abound in their feeding field. Although we can't remain positive 100% of the time, being aware and moving back into a positive state keeps us less likely to become victims.

We also need to stay aware of when our own energy begins to dip, if we wait till it sinks too low we may attempt to use another as a vehicle to raise our vibration because it seems easier then working on ourselves and raising our own energy. Ask for assistance from your angels and guides as soon as you begin to feel yourself slipping. Take care of yourself, eat well, rest. Surround yourself with those things that feed your soul, so that you won't go on your own feeding frenzy or become another's energetic meal.

In Light.....Christie

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