Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Blessing

I've always disliked Monday's, actually many times I've hated Mondays. Today was definitely one that fell somewhere between dislike and strong dislike when I discovered there had been a bit of a break down in financial communications with not one but two creditors. That was not the way I had thought I would begin my week, the surprise factor made it all seem worse along with the fact that I quickly felt myself slipping into self-pity.

When I do that I always get angry at myself because I'm supposed to be the person that shows others how to deal with such stuff and here I am doing a not so great job of it myself. What if anyone found out? What if they knew that I fell into the trap of self-pity and a moment of...make that several moments.....okay twenty minutes of "what's the use" of trying?

So you ask "Where's the blessing"? Kinda like " I still don't see the pony". Here it is, I decided that I would find the blessing. Based on the fact that I facilitate a monthly Blessing Circle it seemed like an apropos choice to actually implement what I was co-creating in the group.
It was the decision that was the Blessing. I made the decison to look away from the issues and focus on the Blessing, any Blessing I could find, but in the act of doing that....I had already found one.

This may not seem like a big deal and I was at first reluctant to write about it and put it out there, but for me, it said that I had made a fairly large leap forward. I usually practice what I preach....except for those times that I'm hit unexpectedly with financial problems I didn't know I had. The ones that hang around regularly, those I can usually manage.

Then I realized all the other blessings inherent in Monday being Monday. A fresh start, a new beginning, anticipation of what I would create in the coming week, opportunities to learn and serve in the days ahead and more. Monday did and does hold a Blessing, it gave me the opportunity, sooner rather than later to walk my talk.

For any out there that find Monday's difficult I challenge you to look a bit more deeply at what it may afford in the way of opportunity and insight.

Have a Blessed Monday!