Sunday, August 22, 2010

Energy Sensitivity

I'm becoming more and more sensitive to energy lately. Things that were once tolerable are now setting off alarms like never before. I've always been sensitive to energy. Once I began channeling, certain smells became repugnant to me. I was less and less able to withstand crowds because of the onslaught of so many varied energies assaulting my subtle bodies at once. Antique stores which I love to visit became really difficult. Honestly, I could hear the whispers from all who had once been attached energetically to their pieces of furniture and collectibles. There was sadness and joy, anger and love coming through me. It became very overwhelming at times.

Lately the sensitivity has increased. If I'm not in alignment with my higher good in my thoughts, emotions or behavior, I find myself immediately feeling "off". If I try to make things happen by force of will, things seem to stubbornly come to a standstill, the flow is interrupted, nothing moves. I've learned to recognize those times when I'm trying to force things , either because I want to make something happen, or because it's something that must be done, an obligation. I find if I wait till I feel myself flowing toward and not away from the desire or responsibility, things work out much better and with more ease.

As I've been transforming by my own request, there seems to be less "in between" spaces. I'm either in alignment or I'm not. I've become my own thermometer of sorts. Though it can be helpful much of the time to hold this type of awareness, there are also times when this is quite challenging. As one wave ends and we breathe a sigh of relief, another wave thrashes onto our inner shoreline and we're faced with further discomfort, as we continue to evolve to a higher state of being.

Like everyone else experiencing these mini-tidal waves that seem to rage within, I sometimes wonder if the movement to embody a higher more sacred space is worth it. Yet within the wondering, there is always the steadfast knowing that it is. There really is no turning back, because within the storm lies such great beauty and promise. The wind and rain cleansing what no longer serves, brings calm, the sky clears and dawn breaks upon the horizon. It is a time of miracles for all of us. Turning my face to the clouds, I'm thankful to be a part of this.

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Wildflower said...

Love to you, Christie, as you journey ever upwards. May you find a space where you can be better shielded from external energy.