Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heart's Desire

If asked their heart's desire, many people have a ready list of replies. But do we really know our true heart's desire? Our heart's desire is to know our connection to the Divine, to connect with our spiritual essence.

Our heart's desire is our heart's truth. Living this truth fulfills us. Living in harmony with this resonance, this spiritual integrity, allows us to be, create and discover the good in everything. We flow with life, instead of pushing against it.

The glamorized version of heart's desire is our competitive agendas, our accumulation of things, our drive for success and accomplishment. Beneath such an inauthentic version lies the hunger for a deeper truth. This is why when we do achieve any or all of these; it never feels like enough, it never fills us.

If we allow our hearts to speak, and we truly listen, we hear our truth and this becomes our prayer.